Where to begin?

I started playing around with making knives in my garage in 1998. I would buy blades, make handles for them and then make sheaths. I would then give them to friends. 

The summer of 1999 I started working at The Northern California Renaissance Faire and loved it. The Faire is where I met John Schulps who was a Master Potter and Knife maker.

Now fast forward to 2005. I started my apprenticeship with John Schulps at his ranch in Orland, CA. I learned many skills during my time with him. John used a wide variety of material for his handles. He was well known for his Scrimshaw. Which taught me a great deal about my finishing technique, since he needed a completely smooth surface to draw on.

 In 2010 John passed away and after much debate I decided to continue to make knives on my own. With the support of my family and friends I decided to chase my dream and started making knives under my own brand, in 2011 McPherson Knives was born.

I use a variety of materials from man-made laminates to Oregon Maple Burl's and exotic woods from around the world. I find myself always looking for new and fun things to make. I have the great pleasure of being a functional artist, I make pieces that are both beautiful and useful.